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Archieparchial Sobor 2014



An Archieparchial Sobor was held at the Golden Dome Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Philadelphia, on October 25, 2014. We are pleased to provide the video of the day's events as well as the Report on the Sobor. 

The agenda for the Sobor included:

Theme:  “I am the Light of the World”  (Jn 8:12)

Welcome-Opening Prayer Metropolitan Stefan

Invited presentations on Encountering the Light of Christ through: 

The Word of God and Catechesis—Rev. Archpriest John M. Fields
Liturgy and Prayer—Mr. Ted Veresink
Service to our Neighbor--- Dr. Henry Fesniak
Leadership / Stewardship—Mr. Roman Dubenko
Communion / Unity---Mr. Orest Kucyna
Missionary Spirit—Very Reverend Andriy Rabiy
Moderator---Mr. Ken Hutchins

Summary responses from surveys on youth, women, faithful, clergy followed by Discussion/ Q&A period


Group Discussions specific recommendations for our Church today answering the questions:

 1) How will we live the Gospel message and foster vibrant parishes?

 2) How will we invite others (former parishioners, family members, neighbors) and welcome them into our parish families?


General gathering with sharing from discussion groups consensus on direction / recommendations Moderator—Mr. Ken Hutchins


Summary and concluding comments Metropolitan Stefan


Divine Liturgy in the Cathedral Homily theme:“You are the Light of the World”(Mt 5: 13-14)

Metropolitan Archbishop Stefan Soroka's letter to the participants, accompanying the report is available here.  The PDF has both Ukrainian and English versions of his letter.

The Full Report, containing a Summary of the Sobor, the texts of the invited speakers, the full group presentations, the results of the survey for the event, and the Report of the Sobor is available in PDF version in English

or in Ukrainian

An ePub version of the full report is available in English or Ukrainian for reading on tablets or smartphones.

The Summary of the report is available in English or Ukrainian.

The invited presentations are available in English or Ukrainian.

Small group presentations are available in English.

Archieparchial Sobor Survey results are available in English.

The Report of the Sobor is available in English or Ukrainian.

Vibrant Parish video survey results are available in English.

In addition to the written reports, the Sobor was professionally recorded. To provide easier access to the day long video, the entire day of the Sobor has been segmented into 26 smaller “chapters.”


The segments (chapters) include:  


Archbishop’s Welcome 

Prayer for Vibrant Parishes 

Archbishop’s Instructions for the Day 

Moderator Introductions and Instructions 

Fr. John Fields Presentation 

Ted Veresink Presentation 

Dr. Heny Fesniak Presentation 

Roman Dubenko Presentation 

Orest Kucyna Presentation 

Fr. Andriy Rabiy Presentation 

Archbishop’s Survey Summary 

Morning Question and Answer session (4 Parts) 
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
     Part 4

Sobor Overview and video of small group discussions 

Group H Presentation 

Group G Presentation 

Group F Presentation 

Group E Presentation 

Group D Presentation 

Group C Presentation 

Group B Presentation 

Group A Presentation 

Afternoon Participant Comments 

Archbishop’s Closing Comments


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