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Metropolitan Tribunal

Available are the forms to be able to initiate the processes for a Decree of Nullity for those who were in a marriage recognized by the Church (Catholic-Catholic, Catholic-Orthodox, Catholic-Protestant, Protestant-Protestant), and also for marriages not recognized by the Church (Marriage of a Catholic outside the Church without a dispensation).

For further information, please contact us at metropolitantribunal@ukrcap.org or 215.627.0143.

Msgr. Peter D. Waslo, J.C.L., Judicial Vicar
Very Rev. Archpriest Daniel Gurovich, Adjutant Judicial Vicar
Rev. Mykola Ivanov, Defender of the Bond
Msgr. Ronald Popivchak, Promoter of Justice
Gloria Leinart, Notary
Rev. Paul Luniw, J.C.O.L., Judge, Second Instance
Very Rev. Richard Whetstone, J.C.O.L., Judge, Second Instance

Documents and Forms Available for Downloading

Name In English

In Ukrainian

Lack of Canonical Form DOWNLOAD
Questionnaire to Submit a Formal Case DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Decree of Nullity Pamphlet for Petitioners DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Decree of Nullity Pamphlet for Responders


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