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Audit Forms and Information

#1 annual archeparchial checklist eng 2014.pdf

#1 annual archeparchial checklist ukr 2014.pdf

#2 SE program report eng 2014.pdf

#2 SE program report ukr 2014.pdf

#3 teacher-volunteer checklist 2014.pdf

#3 teacher-volunteer checklist ukr 2014

#4 student checklist eng 2014.pdf

#4 student checklist ukr 2014.pdf

#5 parent waiver eng 2014.pdf

#5 parent waiver ukr 2014.pdf

#6 School Program Attendance Final Report eng 2014.pdf

#6 School Program Attendance Final Report ukr 2014.pdf

Clergy Letter.pdf

* New * Please note the e-mail address has changed for the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia -  Child Protection Office.  Starting August 1, 2014, the new e-mail address is ukrchildprotection@ukrcap.org



Child Protection


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